Interesting New Comcheck Information

We like to keep our eye out for interesting information on the Department of Energy’s Comcheck software from across the internet. When creating a Comcheck Online you basically have two options. You can use Comcheck Web which is a web based solution. The next option is to use Comcheck Desktop will be stored on your computer’s hard drive and updated periodically.

You also have some options as to how your Comcheck is created. You could hire a Comcheck Service like Also you can choose to do the Comcheck yourself. If you are interested in a DIY Comcheck a great place to start is the link below.

Sometimes when you are learning about new softwares like Comcheck Web and Comcheck Desktop issues can arise. One particular error that many people have described typically only happens on laptop computers and not desktop computers. We at have experienced this particular error so we found it prudent to make you aware. The particular error shows itself as a “Comcheck Web Projection Factor Error”. If you are experiencing a Comcheck Web Projection Factor error then take a look at this awesome guide below and you should be able to fix it quickly.

We spoke earlier about how to start your DIY Comcheck using Comcheck Web. How about if you do not have constant internet access on your commercial jobsite, or your internet connection is slow and spotty. Comcheck Desktop is the option that you download to your computer and can use without fear of a Comcheck Web Projection Factor error that plagues the Comcheck Web software. If you want to create your Do It Yourself Comecheck using the Department of Energy’s Comcheck Desktop software we found a neat guide below.

Overall, Comcheck is a fantastic reporting system to measure the energy efficiency of New commercial construction, additions to commercial buildings, and alterations or remodels of commercial structures. We appreciate your readership of our Comcheck blog and wish you the best of luck completing your Comcheck.

Interesting New Comcheck Information
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Interesting New Comcheck Information
Interesting New Comcheck Information
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