Comcheck Web Maintenance

Comcheck Web Maintenance

Today on our Comcheck Energy Report we want to dicuss a rare finding on the Department of Energy’s Comcheck Software. Very few actually get to see the Comcheck Web Comcheck creation software in this state so sit back and enjoy.

It all started when I was working on a Comcheck and I noticed a Red Line appear at the top of my Comcheck Web software. It stated that at 5:00 pm Pacific time that Comcheck Web would be down for maintenance, and promised that it would only be a few minutes.

Specifically Comcheck Web said:

“COMcheck-Web is going down for maintenance at 5:00 PDT. We should be back up and running within a few minutes.”

Comcheck Web Maintenance

Thinking I had more time, I kept creating my Comcheck Energy Report. Then I went to click save and the screen immediately blinked “Application Currently Unavailble.”

Comcheck Web Maintenance
Comcheck Web Maintenance

While I wait for Comcheck Web software to come back up I thought I would make a blog post in case someone else experiences Comcheck Errors, Comcheck Maintenance, Comcheck Software not working, or any other plethra of other Comcheck Software updates that might bring your Comcheck energy report creation to a screeching halt.

While I work on the blog post for this scenario let’s talk about what you can do in the meantime. If you have Comcheck Desktop you can create a project on there instead of Comcheck Web. This is a great solution for most projects and will get you out of the woods. However, some Energy Codes are not available in Comcheck Desktop so be sure to check and see that codes like IECC 2018 and IECC 2021 are available in your version of Rescheck Desktop before spending alot of time downloading an recreating your Comcheck.

In my case, I am just going to wait. The Comcheck Web software told me that it would only be a few minutes so thus I must trust it.

Good reading material about Comcheck Projection Factor Error while you wait

It is now 14 minutes after the Comcheck System went down and it is back up again. So off I must go to create another Comcheck. If you find your Comcheck Web software down I hope this article finds you well. I hope it helps you find the patience to wait out a server update or code upgrade when Comcheck is momentarily out of your reach. Best of luck and happy Comchecking.

Once Comcheck Web is back up from the server update you can log in to Comcheck Web here.

2022 Comcheck Service Price List

2022 Comcheck Service Price List

$149 for 3000 sq ft and under Comecheck Service

$199 for 3000 sq ft and over Comcheck Service

$299 for 6000 sq ft and over Comcheck Service

$399 for 9000 sq ft and over Comcheck Service

$499 for 12000 sq ft and over Comcheck Service

$599 for 15000 sq ft and over Comcheck Service

$699 for 18000 sq ft and over Comcheck Service

$799 for 21000 sq ft and over Comcheck Service

If you need a Comcheck you can email plans, jobsite address and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.

If you need a Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S or Manual D service you can visit

Maximum Comcheck Square Footage

Maximum Comcheck Square Footage

Today on our Comcheck Energy Report Blog Post we want to talk to you about the maximum square footage that you might be able to enter on a Comcheck Project. In both softwares for creating Comcheck Reports, which include Comcheck Desktop and Comcheck Web, we entered data. Read on to find what we discovered.

In the Residential version of energy audit software Rescheck Web we found a square footage limit of 100,001 so that led us to look at Rescheck Desktop, Comcheck Web, and Comcheck Desktop. Once we found out Rescheck Desktop did not have a square footage limit we quickly found that Comcheck Web and Comcheck Desktop did not have square footage limit either.

If you plan to build the largest of commercial structures then you are free to do so in the commercial energy audit softwares created by the Department of Energy and the Northwest Pacific Labs. Comcheck Web and Comcheck Desktop are an elite level energy audit software that can handle the largest of buildings being built commercially, the creators of the software should be applauded.

In finishing it seems that the largest square footage you can create a Comcheck Energy Report for is infinity. So dream big, dream really big and when you get your plans on paper and are ready to build that humongous commercial structure then can handle it for you. Email plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will print a full set of your plans and begin your Comcheck. Thank you for reading our blog post on Comcheck Energy Reports.

How To Increase Your Comcheck Score

How To Increase Your Comcheck Score

How To Increase Your Comcheck Score

Welcome to the Comcheck Commercial Energy Report blog. We want to bring you all types of new data that is related to Comcheck Web and Comcheck Desktop and the Comcheck Energy reports that are generated from the energy audit softwares. Today we want to discuss how to bring up a Comcheck score and suggest some easy ways to get your score up.

Let’s start at the top of your commercial structure. One of the easiest ways to increase the score on your Comcheck is going to be taking a second look at the insulation in your roof. The roof does so much to protect your structure from the outside environment it is no wonder that increasing your Comcheck Roof Insulation will allow your score to increase in most cases and climate zones.

Next we will move down to the walls. The walls of a commercial structure are also a key component that can easily make or break your Comcheck Energy report score. What you can do in an instance that your Comcheck report is not passing is look to add some insulation to your walls. First make sure the framing in the plans will accommodate what you are trying to do. If it seems like a tight fit you might be able to find a local spray foam installer who has higher R value per inch materials than traditional fiberglass batts. Once you have increased your wall R value your Comcheck score should increase incrementally as well.

Your windows are such a key feature of your Commercial structure. If you did not have them your customers would not have anything to wipe their greasy hands on and let their kids blow spit bubbles upon every day. They also help protect you from the outside environment. In the Comcheck both your SHGC of windows and U value is important. What you can do to increase your Comcheck score is to look for windows that have either a lower U Value or SHGC, or both. You can enter this new data into the Comcheck window section and your score should get better.

Doors are the same way for a commercial business and any new structure needing a Comcheck. After all, if you did not have a door how would your customers walk inside to spend money with your business? The doors have a U Value and SHGC as well and using a lower U Value or SHGC in your doors will help your Comcheck Energy Report pass rate.

Finally your foundation insulation has a large impact on your Comcheck score. What you can do in most types of foundations in Comcheck Web or Comcheck Desktop is increase the R value of the floor insulation. As you incrementally add more insulation to your foundation then your score in Comcheck should also go up.

At the Comcheck Blog we love helping Comcheck creators because we are Comcheck makers ourselves. If you need a Comcheck created then you can hire use as a Comcheck service. We ill print your plans and create your Comcheck then send it back to you. Simply email plans, jobsite address, and square footage to

What is A Comcheck Energy Report?

What is A Comcheck Energy Report?

Thank you for visiting We have been asked the question, what is a Comcheck? We want to give you some simple answers to help you decide if a Comcheck Energy Audit is the right report for your project.

The first distinction we see for Comcheck Energy Reports comes in the first three letters of the work Comcheck. C O M is also the first three letters in commercial. This designation helps you differentiate from the Department of Energy’s other software for Residential construction, Rescheck. Today we will only focus on the commercial reports that are called Comcheck.

So what is a Comcheck Report? A Comcheck Report is created by the Department of Energy’s softwares either Comcheck Web or Comcheck Desktop. What the report does is take the insulation values of your ceiling, walls, windows, doors, and foundation and compares them to your climate zone. Depending on your code and building official there are other items like interior lighting, exterior lighting, and mechanical that will go into the report. All of these items are compared against your local climate zone a simulation is ran to give you a pass or fail score. The resulting report can then be generated into a PDF that is the finished product of a Comcheck.

Comchecks are a very easy way to make sure everyone involved on your commercial construction project is on the same page in regards to what type of insulation needs to be installed, and where. It also allows the building department or building inspector to have an in depth look at your insulation plans before you break ground and begin framing which can be key if changes need to be made to your insulation envelope.

Overall, Comcheck is a fantastic software that can be used to generate a single 10-20 page document that spells out to your building official how your building will operate on an energy efficiency basis. You can use 2 softwares Comcheck Web or Comcheck Desktop depending on your code. Also if you need a Comcheck created for you we can do so at Simply email your Comcheck order confirmation number, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of. We appreciate you taking the time to read about what a Comcheck is on our Comcheck blog.

Why Comcheck Web is Better than Rescheck Web

Why Comcheck Web is Better than Rescheck Web

Why Comcheck Web is Better than Rescheck Web

Some people have been asking which software we prefer. The Department of Energy offers two options for energy audit software if you wish to perform the Comcheck or Rescheck online. These are options are Comcheck Web for commercial projects and Rescheck Web for residential projects.

So which do we think is better? Well at we deal mainly with the commercial side of projects so our answer is bias that we use and prefer Comcheck Web simply because if we performed our energy audits for a commercial project using the residential software product Rescheck Web we would ultimately have to do the project again in Comcheck Web to satisfy the building department.

What about functionality. One singular feature on Comcheck Web that is better than Rescheck Web is the copy feature. On Rescheck Web when you click “copy” of a component it then adds the tag “Copy 1” to the end of the item description. When you do the same function on Comcheck Web the “Copy 1” is absent from the new item saving you the step of going back and deleting this information from the item.

As far as codes go, right now Rescheck Web has the upper hand. Rescheck Web has the actual release of IECC 2021. Comcheck Web at the time of this article does not have IECC 2021 included in the code lineup. Anticipated release date is sometime this quarter. We are anxiously awaiting taking the IECC 2021 code for a Comcheck test drive when it is released and will bring you what ever findings we incur.

We appreciate you reading our Comcheck Energy Service blog. We try to specialize in all new related Comcheck Web and Comcheck Desktop as they pertain to creating Comcheck Energy Audits for building permits.

IECC Codes Available in Comcheck Desktop and Comcheck Web

Comcheck Energy Codes

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has created two fantastic softwares to allow you to create a Comcheck Energy Report for your New Construction, Alteration, or Addition to a Commercial Structure. The two softwares that they offer are Comcheck Web and Comcheck Desktop.

Your first option is to use the online version of Comcheck creating applications which is called Comcheck Web. You can access Comcheck Web here. Once there many users what to know exactly what energy codes are available within Comcheck Web online portal. The options are as follows:

2009 IECC, 2012 IECC, 2015 IECC AND 2018 IECC IECC. IECC 2021 is not added yet as of this blog post and anticipation is that it will be added very soon.

ASHRAE STANDARD 90.1-2007, 2010 Ashrae, 2013 Ashrae, 2016 Ashrae, 2019 Ashrae

There are also a plethra or city and state specific codes within Comcheck Web. Here they are


Now onto Comcheck Web’s little brother Comcheck Desktop. Comcheck Desktop is a great software for making Comchecks simply because it is stored on your local hard drive and then you can create Comchecks anywhere. Even when you are not connected to the internet. The major downside is that it is less frequently updated and does not have as many code options available as Comcheck Web. Here is a list of the codes that are available in Comcheck Desktop:

2009 IECC, 2012 IECC, 2015 IECC AND 2018 IECC. I do not anticipate IECC 2021 to be added to Comcheck Desktop but might surprise me.

90.1-2007 Ashrae, 2010 Ashrae, 2013 Ashrae, 2016 Ashrae

Comcheck Desktop also includes some specific State and City developed codes:

Boulder, Denver , NEW YORK CITY, NYSTRETCH, VERMONT, Ontario, and Puerto Rico

This concludes our Comcheck blog post on which codes are available within Comcheck Softwares for the end user to create Free Comcheck Reports. Thanks for reading the Comcheck blog.

How do you get a Comcheck Energy Report?

Basically there are 3 ways that you can obtain a Comcheck and we will discuss the ins and outs of each.

Your first option is to do it yourself.  For this option you will need to understand the calculations and most importantly the software.  The calculations are probably math you do on an everyday basis.  However, searching the plans, compiling the data correctly, and using the software properly takes some time to learn.  For this option plan about 10-14 hours per project to create your Comcheck properly.

The second option is to have it created by the architect or engineer that is drawing your original set of commercial construction blueprints.  They can take the information they have created designing your project and easily modify it to work for your Comcheck.  The one thing to consider with this option is that you must be working with a design firm that is familiar with Comcheck.  It seems basic that any designers would understand and implement Comcheck reports into their design process.  However, you have found your way to this Comcheck Energy Report blog so odds are your plans did not come with the report, which is very common.

The final option turns out to be the easiest and lowest cost.  You can hire to create your Comcheck report for you.  All you need to do is email us a set of your construction prints along with a jobsite address to we will take care of your Comcheck for you and return to you an invoice and overview of your project.  This whole process takes less than a day and we are ready and willing to help you with your project any time of day and any day of the week.  This process is super simple and smooth and we created it to be the easiest portion of your commercial construction project.

We appreciate you reading our Comcheck energy report blog for commercial construction.   If you require a Comcheck for your addition, alteration, or new construction then send us your plans to get started today.

Reasons why you might need a Comcheck

At we find several reasons that you might need a Comcheck Energy report on  your commercial construction project and we are going to discuss those here today.

The first reason is that the code in your jurisdiction requires one.  This is as cut and dry as it gets.  You are building a commercial structure in an area that uses the IECC 2009, IECC 2012, or IECC 2015 (possibly even IECC 2018).  The code requires the use of a Comcheck Energy Audit before you can begin construction.

The next reason would be that a particular building department official would like to see one for your project.  This can be for a multitude of reasons.  They may not understand your project well enough or he might just want to cover himself in the future by having a Comcheck on file with your building permit.

The final reason is that you are using a non-conventional product, material, or building supply to build the structure.  Many questions from the building inspector come from seeing new products for the first time.  If you are using an insulation product, window, or door that is uncommon in your area then odds are that the permitting office may want to see how it stacks up to your climate zone using a Comcheck Energy Report.

If you are in need of the Comcheck report to obtain your building permit you can email your plans to and book your order here.