How To Increase Your Comcheck Score

How To Increase Your Comcheck Score

Welcome to the Comcheck Commercial Energy Report blog. We want to bring you all types of new data that is related to Comcheck Web and Comcheck Desktop and the Comcheck Energy reports that are generated from the energy audit softwares. Today we want to discuss how to bring up a Comcheck score and suggest some easy ways to get your score up.

Let’s start at the top of your commercial structure. One of the easiest ways to increase the score on your Comcheck is going to be taking a second look at the insulation in your roof. The roof does so much to protect your structure from the outside environment it is no wonder that increasing your Comcheck Roof Insulation will allow your score to increase in most cases and climate zones.

Next we will move down to the walls. The walls of a commercial structure are also a key component that can easily make or break your Comcheck Energy report score. What you can do in an instance that your Comcheck report is not passing is look to add some insulation to your walls. First make sure the framing in the plans will accommodate what you are trying to do. If it seems like a tight fit you might be able to find a local spray foam installer who has higher R value per inch materials than traditional fiberglass batts. Once you have increased your wall R value your Comcheck score should increase incrementally as well.

Your windows are such a key feature of your Commercial structure. If you did not have them your customers would not have anything to wipe their greasy hands on and let their kids blow spit bubbles upon every day. They also help protect you from the outside environment. In the Comcheck both your SHGC of windows and U value is important. What you can do to increase your Comcheck score is to look for windows that have either a lower U Value or SHGC, or both. You can enter this new data into the Comcheck window section and your score should get better.

Doors are the same way for a commercial business and any new structure needing a Comcheck. After all, if you did not have a door how would your customers walk inside to spend money with your business? The doors have a U Value and SHGC as well and using a lower U Value or SHGC in your doors will help your Comcheck Energy Report pass rate.

Finally your foundation insulation has a large impact on your Comcheck score. What you can do in most types of foundations in Comcheck Web or Comcheck Desktop is increase the R value of the floor insulation. As you incrementally add more insulation to your foundation then your score in Comcheck should also go up.

At the Comcheck Blog we love helping Comcheck creators because we are Comcheck makers ourselves. If you need a Comcheck created then you can hire use as a Comcheck service. We ill print your plans and create your Comcheck then send it back to you. Simply email plans, jobsite address, and square footage to

How To Increase Your Comcheck Score
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How To Increase Your Comcheck Score
How To Increase Your Comcheck Score. What are different ways you can increase a Comcheck Energy Report score?
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