Comcheck Web is Back Up and Running after Maintenance Update

Comcheck Web is Back Up and Running after Maintenance Update

Comcheck Web is Back Up and Running after Maintenance Update!

Great news for DIY Comcheck users! Comcheck Web, the online home energy auditing suite, is back online after a 24-hour maintenance period. We know this downtime can be frustrating, because we are Comcheck Web users too. We enjoy helping others as a Comcheck Service and think that providing them live Comcheck Web updates is an important function for us.

We appreciate the Department of Energy, Pacific Northwest Laboratory, and Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for their commitment to maintaining Comcheck Web.

What’s next?

We are going to spend some time looking over the new version of Comcheck Web and generating Comcheck Commercial Energy Reports. We will compare the new Comchecks to the old Comchecks and if we find any major differences in the new versions we can let you know in the Comcheck blog.

Now you can take this time to prepare for any future outages of Comcheck Web, here’s how:

  • Download Comcheck Desktop for offline use.
  • Perform hand written calculations and enter them later as Comcheck Web comes back online.
  • Plan Comcheck reports ahead of scheduled maintenance (as mentioned in our previous blog post).
  • Wait for the update to finish if you have the flexibility. Then finish your Comcheck Energy Reports.

Stay informed!

The Comcheck Blog is your source for the latest Comcheck Web news and updates.

Need a Comcheck?

Email your PDF plans, jobsite address, and square footage to for assistance.

Thank you for being a part of the Comcheck Web community!

Comcheck Web Maintenance

Comcheck Web Maintenance

When logging into Comcheck Web I noticed the following Message:

“COMcheck-Web will undergo scheduled maintenance starting on Friday, March 15th at 5:00 PM PST. We anticipate resuming normal operations by Saturday, March 16th at 5:00 PM PST.”

I just wanted to make any Comcheck Web users who frequent our Comcheck blog aware of the coming maintenance session.

We can only speculate what the update is about. We have recently seen the Comcheck homepage include a section for New Comcheck.

While this is probably the most exciting news for Comcheck reports and Comcheck services in the past decade we do not think this maintenance update is the same as the New Comcheck rollout.

We believe this Comcheck update to be more of a routine maintenance or server update to keep the online components of Comcheck running smoothly. If you do enough Comchecks you can easily recognize when it is taking longer for files to load within the Comcheck interface. Here are some basics steps that the software experts who manage Comcheck Web might be undertaking:

Basic server maintenance is all about keeping your server running smoothly and securely. It’s like giving your car regular oil changes and tune-ups to prevent breakdowns. Here are some key aspects of basic server maintenance:

  • Updates: Regularly update your server’s operating system, applications, and firmware to patch security holes and improve performance.
  • Backups: Make sure you have a solid backup routine in place. This ensures you can recover data in case of server failure.
  • Monitoring: Keep an eye on your server’s health using monitoring tools. This way you can identify potential issues like low disk space or high CPU usage before they cause problems.
  • Security: Enforce strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and keep your server software up-to-date to minimize security risks.
  • Housekeeping: Review server logs to identify errors or suspicious activity. Additionally, check disk space and remove unnecessary files to avoid running out of storage.

Overall Comcheck Web should not be down for more than 24 hours. In the meantime you can use Comcheck Desktop, Wait for the software to reappear, or do the calculations on paper until the online version becomes available again.

Thanks for reading our Comcheck Blog post on routine Comcheck Maintenance. If you need a Comcheck created for you then email PDF plans, jobsite address, and square footage to

New Comcheck

New Comcheck

There is a new Comcheck software coming. I just navigated through the interface. If you want to try out the New Comcheck Web software you can visit here:

If you travel to the bottom of the screen it will give you a brief description of New Comcheck Web. Here is what it says:

Try the New COMcheck-Web!

A new version of COMcheck-Web is being developed that provides better user nagivation and experience. NOTE: At this time, the new version of COMcheck-Web is intended for evaluation purposes only and cannot be used in project submittals.

  1. Advanced Reporting
  2. Wizards
  3. Data Transfer
  4. Mobile App

So basically once you enter into the New Comcheck Web Link you enter your password like any other session of creating a Comcheck Energy Report. It then logs you into a new Comcheck Web User Interface. What I noticed off the bat is that it is a smoother more user friendly interface and colors. Instead of being centered around the center of the screen many of the project buttons have moved to the left side in a column.

Overall, it looks like a cool update for Comcheck Web. I do have some issues with certain browsers and laptop screen resolution on the current Comcheck Web that makes me have to take unnecessary steps to generate a Comcheck Report. Hopefully New Comcheck is the answer to this and many other issues that people might experience using Comcheck Web.

Thanks again for reading this Comcheck blog post. If you need a Comcheck created for you then email pdf plans, jobsite address, and square footage to for fast affordable Comcheck Service.

Reroofing Comcheck (Step by Step Guide)

Reroofing Comcheck

Reroofing Comcheck (Step by Step Guide)

Today on the Comcheck report blog we want to talk to you about a specific kind of Comcheck project. Many times the amount of construction does not extend beyond replacing the roof on a commercial structure. At we are the leader in commercial re-roofing Comchecks so we wanted to discuss the topic deeper today in this blog post.

What is re roofing?

Reroofing is the process of installing a new layer of shingles, metal, or slate over an existing commercial roof. This is a common practice when the existing roof is still in good condition but needs a new protective layer. Reroofing can be a cost-effective alternative to a full roof replacement, as it can extend the lifespan of the existing roof for many years.

Here are the benefits of a Commercial re roofing project:

Typically does not disturb the insulation systems of the walls, roof, windows, or doors.
Can extend the lifespan of your roof by many years
Can save you money compared to a full roof replacement
Can be done in a relatively short period of time
Can improve the appearance of your commercial structure

Here are some of the signs that your commercial roof may need to be reroofed:

Your roof is more than 20 years old
You have missing or damaged shingles, slate, or metal roof sections
You have leaks in your roof
You have moss or algae growing on your roof
Your roof is sagging or buckling

Once you have determined a commercial re roofing will take place your building inspector may require a re-roofing Comcheck.

Here are the 3 ways you can obtain a Re-roofing Comcheck:

  1. DIY Comcheck. Do it yourself Comcheck. Can I do the Comcheck myself? The simple answer is, Yes. There are plenty of tools available in the form of tutorials, videos, and blog posts on our Comcheck blog that could help you create a DIY re roofing Comcheck. Make sure that you have the time and patience to learn a new software. An initial Comcheck can take 12-24 hours for a first time user to navigate Comcheck Web and Comcheck Desktop software correctly.
  2. Have your roofing contractor create the re roofing Comcheck. They are supplying the roof material and labor so they are in a good position to provide the re roofing Comcheck as well.
  3. Hire to create the Re-roofing Comcheck. We offer low fixed cost pricing and can have the re roofing Comcheck back to you in less than 12 hours. All we need is PDF plans, jobsite address, and square footage to get started.

If you are ready to get a Re-roofing Comcheck started then simply email a PDF plan, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of. Thanks again for reading the Comcheck Energy Report blog and we look forward to helping you on your next Comcheck.

What Does a Comcheck Cost? (2024)

What Does a Comcheck Cost?

What Does a Comcheck Cost?

When you are ready to complete a Comcheck and want to know what a Comcheck costs then you have two options. You can do the Comcheck yourself or hire a Comcheck Service like to complete the Comcheck for you.

Do It Yourself Comcheck:

There is no cost to use COMcheck software. It is a free resource provided by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). COMcheck is available in two versions: COMcheck-Web and COMcheck Desktop. COMcheck-Web is a web-based application that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. COMcheck Desktop is a software program that can be downloaded and installed on a Windows computer.

Both versions of COMcheck can be used to determine whether a new commercial or high-rise residential building, addition, or alteration meets the requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and ASHRAE Standard 90.1. COMcheck can also be used to comply with several state-specific energy codes.

(Conclusion) What Does a Do It Yourself Comcheck cost?:

$0 although you should consider the amount of time you will need to invest to learn Comcheck Web and Comcheck Desktop software. If it takes you 12-24 hours to learn to use the software proficiently and generate your Comcheck then you should mulitply that by your hourly wage. If you make $20 per hour then the cost of your Do It Yourself Comcheck would be $240-$480, and may or may not be performed 100% correct.

Hire a Comcheck Service to Create your Comcheck for you:

A COMcheck service is a service offered by We specialize in energy code compliance. These services involve using COMcheck software to determine whether a building meets the requirements of the IECC or other applicable energy codes. In addition to using COMcheck, these services may also include:

Reviewing building plans and specifications

Conducting energy modeling

Preparing energy code compliance documentation

Providing consultation on energy code requirements COMcheck services can be a valuable resource for building owners, developers, architects, engineers, and contractors.

By using a, you can be sure that your building is designed and constructed in compliance with applicable energy codes. This can help you avoid costly delays and rework during the construction process.

In addition to helping you comply with energy codes, COMcheck services can also help you identify opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of your building. This can lead to lower operating costs and a reduced environmental impact.

If you are considering using a you will want to know about our company’s experience qualifications, and warranty. We charge an extremely low rate and offer fast turn around so we get to work on more Comcheck reports than anyone else in the industry. This means our experience is greater than anyone elses. We offer free lifetime modifications to our Comchecks and we can already tell you that no one else in the industry stands behind their work like You can spend time researching other Comcheck services, but we can already tell you that no one else offers free modficiations to their Comchecks.

Here are some of the benefits of using COMcheck service:

Ensures compliance with applicable energy codes

Helps identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency

Reduces the risk of costly delays and rework

Provides peace of mind knowing that your building is designed and constructed to meet energy code requirements

If you are unsure whether you need a COMcheck service, you can contact your local building department or energy code official. They can help you determine if your project is subject to energy code requirements and whether a COMcheck service is necessary.

(Conclusion) What Does a Comcheck Service cost?:

$149 is the cost an average sized Comcheck report for a building that is under 3000 square feet. This will provide you with the following:

Comcheck Envelope

Comcheck Inspection Checklist

Comcheck Interior Lighting

Comcheck Exterior Lighting

Comcheck Mechanical

12-24 hour turnaround time on the full Comcheck report

Free Lifetime Modifications

As the building gets larger there is some small increases in cost. A full price list is here. However, the average Comcheck Report we see costs $149.

If you are ready to get started on a Comcheck and have now answered the question, what does a Comcheck cost? Then email us PDF plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.

What is a Comcheck Report?

What is a Comcheck Report?

What is a Comcheck Report? offers a Comcheck report creation service that is fast, efficient, and affordable. Email your PDF plans to and we will create your Comcheck energy report for you today.

A COMcheck report is a document that shows whether a new commercial building, high-rise residential building, commercial building addition, or alteration meets the energy code requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and ASHRAE Standard 90.1, as well as state-specific codes. COMcheck is a software program developed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that is used to generate these reports.

COMcheck reports are typically required by building departments to demonstrate compliance with energy codes before a building permit can be issued. The report will include information about the building’s envelope, lighting, and mechanical systems, as well as a summary of the building’s energy performance.

COMcheck reports can be generated by architects, engineers, energy raters, or other qualified professionals like The process of generating a COMcheck report involves entering information about the building into the software program, such as the building’s type, size, location, and climate zone. The software will then calculate the building’s energy performance and compare it to the energy code requirements. If the building meets the requirements, the software will generate a compliance report.

COMcheck reports are an important tool for ensuring that commercial buildings are energy efficient. By meeting energy code requirements, buildings can save energy and money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve indoor air quality.

Here are some of the benefits of using COMcheck:

COMcheck is a powerful tool that can help you to design and construct energy-efficient buildings.

COMcheck can help you to comply with energy codes, which can save you time and money.

COMcheck can help you to reduce your building’s energy consumption and operating costs.

COMcheck can help you to reduce your building’s environmental impact.

If you are planning to build or renovate a commercial building, I encourage you to learn more about COMcheck and how it can benefit you.

Comcheck Construction versus Comcheck Trucking (2024)

Comcheck Construction versus Comcheck Trucking

Comcheck Construction versus Comcheck Trucking

What is the difference between a Comcheck in Construction and a Comcheck in Trucking?

The same word is used in two different industries and wants to help sort it out by explaining the differnces in the two. Please enjoy this Comcheck Blog post on the differences between Comcheck Trucking and Comcheck Construction.

Comcheck Trucking:

Comchecks are a form of payment commonly used in the trucking industry. They are issued by Comdata, a financial services company that specializes in providing solutions for the transportation industry. Comchecks can be used to pay for a variety of expenses, such as:


Lumper fees

Truck repairs




Other incidental expenses

Comchecks are a convenient and secure way for trucking companies to pay their drivers. They are also a good way for drivers to manage their expenses while on the road.

How do comchecks work?

When a trucking company issues a comcheck to a driver, the driver can use it to pay for expenses at participating merchants. The merchant will then submit the comcheck to Comdata for payment. Comdata will then deduct the amount of the comcheck from the trucking company’s account and deposit the funds into the merchant’s account.

Benefits of using comchecks

Convenience: Comchecks are a convenient way for drivers to pay for expenses while on the road. They do not have to carry large amounts of cash or worry about losing their checkbook.

Security: Comchecks are a secure form of payment. They are difficult to counterfeit and can be traced if they are lost or stolen.

Control: Trucking companies can use comchecks to control their drivers’ expenses. They can set limits on the amount of money that a driver can spend on a comcheck and can restrict the types of expenses that can be paid for with a comcheck.

How to cash a comcheck

Comchecks can be cashed at participating truck stops, banks, and other financial institutions. To cash a comcheck, the driver will need to present the comcheck along with a valid form of identification.

Fees associated with comchecks

There are typically no fees associated with using comchecks. However, some merchants may charge a small fee for processing comcheck payments.

Overall, comchecks are a convenient and secure way for trucking companies to pay their drivers and for drivers to manage their expenses while on the road.

Comcheck Construction:

In the construction industry, COMcheck is a software program used to determine whether a building meets the energy efficiency requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and ASHRAE Standard 90.1. COMcheck can be used for both new construction and alterations to existing buildings.

There are two main ways to use COMcheck:

Prescriptive method: The prescriptive method uses a set of predetermined requirements for building envelope and mechanical systems. If a building meets all of the prescriptive requirements, it is considered to be compliant with the energy code.

Performance method: The performance method allows for more flexibility in the design of a building. With the performance method, a building is considered to be compliant if it meets a certain energy budget. The energy budget is calculated using a computer simulation program.

COMcheck is a valuable tool for ensuring that buildings are designed and constructed to meet energy efficiency standards. By using COMcheck, architects, engineers, and builders can help to reduce the energy consumption of buildings and save money on energy costs.

In addition to the IECC and ASHRAE Standard 90.1, COMcheck can also be used to meet the energy code requirements of many states and localities. For more information on COMcheck, please visit the U.S. Department of Energy’s website.

Comcheck Conclusion:

Overall, the word Comcheck can mean two very different things. At we offer the Comcheck for construction as a service. If you need a Construction Comcheck created for you then email PDF plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.

Comcheck Energy Code Chart (2024)

Comcheck Energy Code Chart

I created this Comcheck Energy Code Chart based my daily experience of the past two decades using Comcheck Web and Comcheck Desktop. These are the sources for my data:

Commercial Engineers

Commercial Architects

Commercial Contractors

Commercail Building Inspectors

Regional Building Department Surveys

State Specific Commercial Energy Code Information

Publically avaiable Commercial Energy Code declarations

Many of the states on this Comcheck Energy Code Chart contain multiple codes. In commercial construction there is typically a code adopted by each state. Throughout our interviews and data study we found some difference between what is required by the state and what is actually being used by local and regional building departments and inspectors. Comchecks can be very tricky and sometimes if a local building inspector has a personal preference for which energy code to use, that is what you have to have on your Comcheck. The building inspector and building department usually is the final source for getting your building permit so if they require a specific energy code, that is what you will need to use. You can try to file for an exemption, but many times this just uses up valuable time and money. In the end, the code the inspector requested for Comcheck is the one that will be on the certificate of occupancy at the end of the project.

Also commercial energy codes for Comcheck change frequently even during a project. Here is an example:

Plans for a new office building are given to the building department on June 15th. This also includes your IECC 2015 Comcheck Energy Report. Then on Augustst you receive a stop work order and a demand that the energy code be updated to IECC 2018. Your project is not completed yet and since the town council met last week and updated the local Energy Code they would like your Comcheck Energy Report to reflect this.

We handle Comcheck Energy Code changes on your Comcheck report free of charge. Commercial building codes are ever changing so this is a very important part of our commercial energy reporting service. We meet daily with building inspectors, building departments, architects, engineers, insulation installers, window manufacturers, and our customers just to stay on top of the latest Comcheck Energy Code information, codes, and data.

Below is our in depth Comcheck Energy Code Chart:

State NameComcheck Code
AlabamaASHRAE 90.1-2013 IECC 2018
AlaskaIECC 2018
ArizonaIECC 2018
ArkansasIECC 2009
CaliforniaTitle 24
ColoradoIECC 2015 IECC 2018
ConnecticutIECC 2021
DelawareIECC 2018
FloridaIECC 2018
GeorgiaIECC 2015 IECC 2018
HawaiiIECC 2018 ASHRAE 90.1 2016
IdahoIECC 2018 ASHRAE 90.1 2016
IllinoisIECC 2018
IndianaIECC 2018 ASHRAE 90.1 2007
IowaIECC 2012
KansasIECC 2006 IECC 2009
KentuckyIECC 2009 ASHRAE 90.1 2010
LouisianaIECC 2012 IECC 2021
MaineIECC 2015 IECC 2018 IECC 2021
MarylandIECC 2018 ASHRAE 90.1 2016
MassachusettsIECC 2018 ASHRAE 90.1 2013
MichiganIECC 2015 ASHRAE 90.1 2016
MinnesotaIECC 2012
MississippiIECC 2015
MissouriIECC 2015
MontanaIECC 2021 ASHRAE 90.1-2019
NebraskaIECC 2018
NevadaIECC 2018 ASHRAE 90.1 2016
New HampshireIECC 2015 ASHRAE 90.1 2013
New JerseyIECC 2018 IECC 2021 ASHRAE 90.1 2016
New MexicoIECC 2018 ASHRAE 90.1 2016
New YorkIECC 2018 ASHRAE 90.1 2016
North CarolinaIECC 2015 IECC 2018 ASHRAE 90.1 2013
North DakotaIECC 2018 ASHRAE 90.1 2016
OhioIECC 2012 IECC 2018
OklahomaIECC 2006 ASHRAE 90.1 2003
OregonIECC 2018 ASHRAE 90.1 2019
PennsylvaniaIECC 2018 ASHRAE 90.1 2016
Rhode IslandIECC 2018 ASHRAE 90.1 2016
South CarolinaIECC 2009 ASHRAE 90.1 2007
South DakotaIECC 2009
TennesseeIECC 2012 ASHRAE 90.1 2012
TexasIECC 2015 ASHRAE 90.1 2013
UtahIECC 2015 ASHRAE 90.1 2016
VermontIECC 2018 ASHRAE 90.1 2016
VirginiaIECC 2018 ASHRAE 90.1 2016
WashingtonIECC 2021
West VirginiaASHRAE 90.1-2010
WisconsinIECC 2015 ASHRAE 90.1 2013
WyomingIECC 2018

Thank you for reading Comcheck Energy Reporting and using our Comcheck Energy Code Chart. We hope you find this helpful. If you are perplexed on which IECC or ASHRAE code to use and would like us to create a Comcheck for you, we offer a Comcheck service starting at $149 for under 3000 sq ft. The service takes 10-12 hours. Email your order number, pdf plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get your Comcheck completed.
Interesting New Comcheck Information
Residential Construction Rescheck Energy Code Chart

2024 Comcheck Service Price List

$149 for 3000 sq ft and under Comcheck Energy Report Service

$199 for 3000 sq ft and over Comcheck Energy Report Service

$299 for 6000 sq ft and over Comcheck Energy Report Service

$399 for 9000 sq ft and over Comcheck Energy Report Service

$499 for 12000 sq ft and over Comcheck Energy Report Service

$599 for 15000 sq ft and over Comcheck Energy Report Service

$699 for 18000 sq ft and over Comcheck Energy Report Service

$799 for 21000 sq ft and over Comcheck Energy Report Service

$899 for 24000 sq ft and over Comcheck Energy Report Service

$999 for 27000 sq ft and over Comcheck Energy Report Service

If you need a Comcheck Energy Report created for you, you can email plans, jobsite address and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.

If you need a Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S or Manual D service you can visit

Interesting New Comcheck Information

We like to keep our eye out for interesting information on the Department of Energy’s Comcheck software from across the internet. When creating a Comcheck Online you basically have two options. You can use Comcheck Web which is a web based solution. The next option is to use Comcheck Desktop will be stored on your computer’s hard drive and updated periodically.

You also have some options as to how your Comcheck is created. You could hire a Comcheck Service like Also you can choose to do the Comcheck yourself. If you are interested in a DIY Comcheck a great place to start is the link below.

Sometimes when you are learning about new softwares like Comcheck Web and Comcheck Desktop issues can arise. One particular error that many people have described typically only happens on laptop computers and not desktop computers. We at have experienced this particular error so we found it prudent to make you aware. The particular error shows itself as a “Comcheck Web Projection Factor Error”. If you are experiencing a Comcheck Web Projection Factor error then take a look at this awesome guide below and you should be able to fix it quickly.

We spoke earlier about how to start your DIY Comcheck using Comcheck Web. How about if you do not have constant internet access on your commercial jobsite, or your internet connection is slow and spotty. Comcheck Desktop is the option that you download to your computer and can use without fear of a Comcheck Web Projection Factor error that plagues the Comcheck Web software. If you want to create your Do It Yourself Comecheck using the Department of Energy’s Comcheck Desktop software we found a neat guide below.

Overall, Comcheck is a fantastic reporting system to measure the energy efficiency of New commercial construction, additions to commercial buildings, and alterations or remodels of commercial structures. We appreciate your readership of our Comcheck blog and wish you the best of luck completing your Comcheck.