New Comcheck

There is a new Comcheck software coming. I just navigated through the interface. If you want to try out the New Comcheck Web software you can visit here:

If you travel to the bottom of the screen it will give you a brief description of New Comcheck Web. Here is what it says:

Try the New COMcheck-Web!

A new version of COMcheck-Web is being developed that provides better user nagivation and experience. NOTE: At this time, the new version of COMcheck-Web is intended for evaluation purposes only and cannot be used in project submittals.

  1. Advanced Reporting
  2. Wizards
  3. Data Transfer
  4. Mobile App

So basically once you enter into the New Comcheck Web Link you enter your password like any other session of creating a Comcheck Energy Report. It then logs you into a new Comcheck Web User Interface. What I noticed off the bat is that it is a smoother more user friendly interface and colors. Instead of being centered around the center of the screen many of the project buttons have moved to the left side in a column.

Overall, it looks like a cool update for Comcheck Web. I do have some issues with certain browsers and laptop screen resolution on the current Comcheck Web that makes me have to take unnecessary steps to generate a Comcheck Report. Hopefully New Comcheck is the answer to this and many other issues that people might experience using Comcheck Web.

Thanks again for reading this Comcheck blog post. If you need a Comcheck created for you then email pdf plans, jobsite address, and square footage to for fast affordable Comcheck Service.

New Comcheck
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New Comcheck
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