Comcheck Construction versus Comcheck Trucking (2024)

Comcheck Construction versus Comcheck Trucking

What is the difference between a Comcheck in Construction and a Comcheck in Trucking?

The same word is used in two different industries and wants to help sort it out by explaining the differnces in the two. Please enjoy this Comcheck Blog post on the differences between Comcheck Trucking and Comcheck Construction.

Comcheck Trucking:

Comchecks are a form of payment commonly used in the trucking industry. They are issued by Comdata, a financial services company that specializes in providing solutions for the transportation industry. Comchecks can be used to pay for a variety of expenses, such as:


Lumper fees

Truck repairs




Other incidental expenses

Comchecks are a convenient and secure way for trucking companies to pay their drivers. They are also a good way for drivers to manage their expenses while on the road.

How do comchecks work?

When a trucking company issues a comcheck to a driver, the driver can use it to pay for expenses at participating merchants. The merchant will then submit the comcheck to Comdata for payment. Comdata will then deduct the amount of the comcheck from the trucking company’s account and deposit the funds into the merchant’s account.

Benefits of using comchecks

Convenience: Comchecks are a convenient way for drivers to pay for expenses while on the road. They do not have to carry large amounts of cash or worry about losing their checkbook.

Security: Comchecks are a secure form of payment. They are difficult to counterfeit and can be traced if they are lost or stolen.

Control: Trucking companies can use comchecks to control their drivers’ expenses. They can set limits on the amount of money that a driver can spend on a comcheck and can restrict the types of expenses that can be paid for with a comcheck.

How to cash a comcheck

Comchecks can be cashed at participating truck stops, banks, and other financial institutions. To cash a comcheck, the driver will need to present the comcheck along with a valid form of identification.

Fees associated with comchecks

There are typically no fees associated with using comchecks. However, some merchants may charge a small fee for processing comcheck payments.

Overall, comchecks are a convenient and secure way for trucking companies to pay their drivers and for drivers to manage their expenses while on the road.

Comcheck Construction:

In the construction industry, COMcheck is a software program used to determine whether a building meets the energy efficiency requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and ASHRAE Standard 90.1. COMcheck can be used for both new construction and alterations to existing buildings.

There are two main ways to use COMcheck:

Prescriptive method: The prescriptive method uses a set of predetermined requirements for building envelope and mechanical systems. If a building meets all of the prescriptive requirements, it is considered to be compliant with the energy code.

Performance method: The performance method allows for more flexibility in the design of a building. With the performance method, a building is considered to be compliant if it meets a certain energy budget. The energy budget is calculated using a computer simulation program.

COMcheck is a valuable tool for ensuring that buildings are designed and constructed to meet energy efficiency standards. By using COMcheck, architects, engineers, and builders can help to reduce the energy consumption of buildings and save money on energy costs.

In addition to the IECC and ASHRAE Standard 90.1, COMcheck can also be used to meet the energy code requirements of many states and localities. For more information on COMcheck, please visit the U.S. Department of Energy’s website.

Comcheck Conclusion:

Overall, the word Comcheck can mean two very different things. At we offer the Comcheck for construction as a service. If you need a Construction Comcheck created for you then email PDF plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.

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