Comcheck Web Maintenance

Today on our Comcheck Energy Report we want to dicuss a rare finding on the Department of Energy’s Comcheck Software. Very few actually get to see the Comcheck Web Comcheck creation software in this state so sit back and enjoy.

It all started when I was working on a Comcheck and I noticed a Red Line appear at the top of my Comcheck Web software. It stated that at 5:00 pm Pacific time that Comcheck Web would be down for maintenance, and promised that it would only be a few minutes.

Specifically Comcheck Web said:

“COMcheck-Web is going down for maintenance at 5:00 PDT. We should be back up and running within a few minutes.”

Comcheck Web Maintenance

Thinking I had more time, I kept creating my Comcheck Energy Report. Then I went to click save and the screen immediately blinked “Application Currently Unavailble.”

Comcheck Web Maintenance
Comcheck Web Maintenance

While I wait for Comcheck Web software to come back up I thought I would make a blog post in case someone else experiences Comcheck Errors, Comcheck Maintenance, Comcheck Software not working, or any other plethra of other Comcheck Software updates that might bring your Comcheck energy report creation to a screeching halt.

While I work on the blog post for this scenario let’s talk about what you can do in the meantime. If you have Comcheck Desktop you can create a project on there instead of Comcheck Web. This is a great solution for most projects and will get you out of the woods. However, some Energy Codes are not available in Comcheck Desktop so be sure to check and see that codes like IECC 2018 and IECC 2021 are available in your version of Rescheck Desktop before spending alot of time downloading an recreating your Comcheck.

In my case, I am just going to wait. The Comcheck Web software told me that it would only be a few minutes so thus I must trust it.

Good reading material about Comcheck Projection Factor Error while you wait

It is now 14 minutes after the Comcheck System went down and it is back up again. So off I must go to create another Comcheck. If you find your Comcheck Web software down I hope this article finds you well. I hope it helps you find the patience to wait out a server update or code upgrade when Comcheck is momentarily out of your reach. Best of luck and happy Comchecking.

Once Comcheck Web is back up from the server update you can log in to Comcheck Web here.
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