Why Comcheck Web is Better than Rescheck Web (2024)

Why Comcheck Web is Better than Rescheck Web

Why Comcheck Web is Better than Rescheck Web

Some people have been asking which software we prefer. The Department of Energy offers two options for energy audit software if you wish to perform the Comcheck or Rescheck online. These are options are Comcheck Web for commercial projects and Rescheck Web for residential projects.

So which do we think is better? Well at www.comcheck.net we deal mainly with the commercial side of projects so our answer is bias that we use and prefer Comcheck Web simply because if we performed our energy audits for a commercial project using the residential software product Rescheck Web we would ultimately have to do the project again in Comcheck Web to satisfy the building department.

What about functionality. One singular feature on Comcheck Web that is better than Rescheck Web is the copy feature. On Rescheck Web when you click “copy” of a component it then adds the tag “Copy 1” to the end of the item description. When you do the same function on Comcheck Web the “Copy 1” is absent from the new item saving you the step of going back and deleting this information from the item.

As far as codes go, right now Rescheck Web has the upper hand. Rescheck Web has the actual release of IECC 2021. Comcheck Web at the time of this article does not have IECC 2021 included in the code lineup. Anticipated release date is sometime this quarter. We are anxiously awaiting taking the IECC 2021 code for a Comcheck test drive when it is released and will bring you what ever findings we incur.

We appreciate you reading our Comcheck Energy Service blog. We try to specialize in all new related Comcheck Web and Comcheck Desktop as they pertain to creating Comcheck Energy Audits for building permits.