How much does it cost? 

$149 for 3000 sq ft and under, $199 for 3000 sq ft and under.

What is a Comcheck?  

A software package that connects all users of a commercial construction project to the energy side of the equation.  You enter insulation details, lighting, site location, and various other details and are given a score based on the materials chosen and how they compare to the climate zone.

Can I do the Comcheck myself?

If you understand the calculations and the software you can create your own Comcheck.  The issue most of our builders, architects, and engineers encounter is that they do not have time to learn a new suite of software to create the report correctly.  That is why we invented this low cost service using experts who use the DOE’s Comcheck software every day.

How long does it take?

We turn 100% of our projects around in 12-24 hours.

How do I get started?

Simply email your plans to Comcheck@Comcheck.net and book your order here.

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  1. 2868 office building in Shelby County Alabama. Item #12 is what the County is asking in the process of getting a permit. I will be using Plygem vinyl windows, double insulated, low E

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